Things Fall Apart

a play

Steeped in a corporeal movement dialogue with herself,

a woman explores the boundaries of her sense of control and emotional impact on the world around her through a changing landscape of folding chairs.

"Brilliant. Brilliant. And by the way - brilliant. "

--- Kari Margolis

Using physical acting and object manipulation, Kate Brehm takes you on a ride through an enactment of her manifesto towards performing design.

Video by Jimi Pantalon
Human Kate Brehm
Puppeteers Jenny Campbell and Jacob Graham
Directed by Gregory Schott
Lighting by Poe Saegusa
Created by Kate Brehm
  • Here Arts Center Culturemart 2016
  • In development from 2011-2016, work in progresses were presented at the Margolis Method Center, Dixon Place, and Triskelion Arts.

Produced by imnotlost.

photo by Jim Moore