The Poofs

nondescript puppet objects which confound reason

Appearing like massive sea creatures, the poofs present themselves in outdoor environments where people congregate.

Inspiring wonder from their visitors the poofs simple ARE. They are a cross between plants and insects, anchored to the ground and confounding an impression of rational sentience. An encounter with the poofs is an opportunity to commune with another lifeform. The Poofs are both creatures and environments. They perform liveness and impress a sense of wonder in their audience.

"How is it moving?"

--- Governor's Island Art Fair

With funding the poofs will grow in number from 4 to 20 and tour important public spaces of the world: Notre Dame, the Grand Canyon, Egyptian Pyramids...

The Guerilla Poofing Project is currently available to come to your community center. The project teaches a workshop on live art, poof movement, and community engagement.

Poof-The-Band is also available for appearances. They perform a performance art musical set.

PoofWorld is a full-length piece of theater in development.

Videos by Rebecca Arndt, Sam Baumel
Puppeteers Miyu Leilani, Katie Melby, Dorothy James, Aimee Germain, Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith, Sophie Nimmanit Basil Twist, Coco Carol, Christopher Williams, Ali Perry, Rowan Renee, Kate Brehm
Humans Gaylen Hamilton, Justin Perkins
Puppet and Performance Design Kate Brehm
Builders Kate Brehm and Jenny Campbell
Poof-The-Band is Anthony Napolatano - Keys, Hannah Schilsky - Cello, Kate Brehm - Vocals + Drums, Charlotte Moroz - shakers (Dorothy James - guest star)
Poof-The-Band Gigs
  • @ Dixon Place Puppet Blok 2018
  • @ Rubulad 2017
  • Opener for Sound of Ceres shows at Alphaville 2017
Community Guerilla Poofing
  • Aidron Duckworth Art Museum 2018
Performances and Installations
  • Univ of Amherst A/E Body in Flux Exhibition 2019
  • "Poof World" at the Unfinished Puppetry Festival, Les Sages Fous
  • "What Kind of Sound Does a Poof Make?" Aidron Duckworth Art Museum 2018
  • Theater for One in Times Square
  • Dream Music Puppet Parlor
  • 4Heads Portal Art Fair
  • Special Guests at In the Heart of the Beast
  • Winkel and Balktick Stranded
  • Gemini and Scorpio Lost Circus and Winter Spectacular
  • Art in Odd Places
  • Governor's Island Art Fair 2009, 2010
Poof Shows
Poof The Band plays Dixon Place Film Biz Prop Shop, Poof Procreation Poof in a Cage at the Lost Circus Party
Poofs at Portal Manhattan Poof World - in progress performance at Les Sages Fous Festival Poof Garden at the Stranded Underground Party, Brooklyn 2010

Produced by imnotlost.