Short Works

generally 7 minutes long

For many years I have performed short form puppetry at cabaret events around the city.

The performance spaces are and were primarily in Greenwich Village, the Lower East Side, Williamsburg, and DUMBO.

"In the early 2000s, I often carried piles of puppets on foot around the city, stopping every block or so to rest my arms."

--- Kate Brehm

Some include: CBGBs Gallery, PS122, The Bowery Poetry Club, Here Arts Center, Galapagos Art Space, The Parkside Lounge, The Tank, One Arm Red, Triskelion Arts Space, and Minerva Durham's Spring Studio.

During the pandemic of 2020 I created and performed puppet shows for online events including, The Great Small Works Virtual Toy Theater Festival, Gemini and Scorpio's Easter Bonnet celebration, the Center at Westpark's Puppet non-Slam, and Google's internal Friday Afternoon Summer Arts

Videos provided by Whoh Wednesdays, Puppet Playlist, Drama of Works Punch Kamikaze, Kate Brehm, Timothy Murray (Disc Face), and Jimi Pantalon (rehearsal PopMag footage)
Puppeteers featured in video and photos Kate Brehm, Alexis Macnab, Ethan Gould, Ali Perry, and Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith
Shows Featured in Photos
  • In Order to Continually Dissolve (2003)
  • The Sketchbook of August 2nd 1962 (2003)
  • Janet Jackson (2004)
  • Movement With Screens (2005)
  • The Oprah Show (2006)
  • The Eyeball (2006)
  • Let's Be Friends (2009)
  • Sapphire Bullets (2010)
  • Hamlet in a Box (2011)
  • The Smalls (2020)
  • A Prelude to Punishment (2020)
  • and
  • Puppet in a Box (2020).
Shows Featured in Videos
  • Puppet in a Box (2020)
  • A Prelude to Punishment (2020)
  • I'm at Home (Online) (2020)
  • Disc Face (2014)
  • Hamlet in a Box (2011)
  • Sapphire Bullets of Love (2010)
  • Pop Magazine (rehearsal footage) (2008)
  • Pig and Pepper (2007)

Produced by imnotlost.