Meditation Zero

a play about our obsession with becoming machine.

A band of pretend scientists perform research to early ’80s music

while pontificating on the nature of reality, humanity, and the on and the off.

"I propose to consider the question not of whether machines can think...but rather whether sentient beings mistaken for a machine by a machine. "

--- Kate Brehm

Meditation Zero takes a stab at ruminating on what Freud would recognize as the Death Drive, but which I am reframing as the cyborg situation.

With text from the New Scientist and phrases from Rosalind Krause and Alan Turing

Video by Mark Read
Actors Anthony Napoletano, Hannah Schilsky, Benjamin Heller, Kate Brehm
Written and Directed by Kate Brehm
Lighting Design Dave Moodey
Stage Manger Hye Chyun
Outside Eye Karen Kandel & Gregory Schott
  • Spring 2016 - Mabou Mines Resident Artist Program

Produced by imnotlost.

Meditation Zero Meditation Zero Meditation Zero
“Mabou Mines Suite Resident Artist Program offers emerging artists the opportunity to work in residence with Mabou Mines for six months and receive mentoring, rehearsal space and a stipend. Participants attend monthly meetings, creating an artistic community through shared ideas in a forum-like setting. Resident Artists show their work at the program’s culmination.
"This program is made possible through generous funding by the Jerome Foundation and with public funds from the City of New York, Department of Cultural Affairs and Materials for the Arts."