Puppet Show

Featuring a lone human performer against a tide of geometric performing objects and a chorus of indifferent puppeteers.

Discrepancies submerges the audience in a series of meditations about our dependence on technology, the allure of blind faith, and the question of whether participation is even a choice.

Three meditations were developed from Jan 2015-Jan 2016: Frames, The Web, and Bits.

In the fall of 2015, as I was driving around in my truck, wondering whether I should apply for St. Ann’s Puppet Lab, NPR reported that a math problem called the Erdos Discrepancy had been solved by a computer.

The deviation of a situation from the state one would like it to be in.

Discrepancy Theory Wikipedia

Humans had been trying to do so for nearly a century. My inner computer nerd’s heart just about stopped when they revealed that the proof is so long, a single human could never check the computer’s work.

Therefore, we find ourselves at an impasse in the forest. If a computer observes a tree falling, can anyone prove that it truly fell? This computer gave us the answer to an otherwise unsolvable problem, but can we trust it? Can one trust a machine? Do we have any choice? I decided to create an analog meditation on this snowballing and terrifying relationship with digital technology. As a puppeteer I felt clear that I could, with simple geometric objects, perform seduction, addiction, obsession, power, lack of control, and invisibility. All sensations, experiences, or drives that describe the human-computer condition. The Erdos Discrepancy is an abstract puppet show inspired by theoretical math.

Developed in collaboration with Sarah McMillan and Amanda Friou.

Performed at Dixon Place and St Anne's Warehouse.
Human Kate Brehm
Puppeteers Jalyn E. James, Maiko Kikuchi, Monica Lerch, Katie Melby, Justin Perkins, Sarah Plotkin, Rachael Shane, Alex Young, Kate Reilly, and Jarod Thompson
Direction Amanda Friou with Kate Brehm
Costume Design Sarah McMillan
Puppet Design Kate Brehm

  • Chashama Space Residency 2016
  • Studiolab Residency 2015
Work in Progress Performances

  • Dixon Place Puppet Blok 2015
  • St Anne's Warehouse Labapalooza 2016

Produced by imnotlost.

Gallery of Development