Dark Space

Immersive Puppetry inspired by Roger Callois's discussion of "Mimicry and Legendary Psychastenia"

Dark Space is the story of one woman's personal metamorphosis

told in lush puppet spectacle and theatrical installation. A storefront becomes a theater where audience is led through tunnels and doorways to witness the puppet show unfold around them.

To these dispossessed souls, space seems to be a devouring force. .. [She] tries to look at her self from any point whatever in space. [She] feels herself becoming space, dark space where things cannot be put.

Roger Callois The Edge of Surrealism

With breathtaking imagery and innovative staging, Dark Space explores that liminal place where everyone must shed his or her old self and sit, bodiless and indistinct, before moving forward to embrace a new identity.

"It’s one of those rare perfectly realized amalgams of art piece and theatre, the kind of thing you always hope you will see in odd offbeat performance spaces, but almost never do." - Ken Perlin

Dark Space was co-created by imnotlost and Infinite Coast. It was the culmination of a Chashama Performance Residency and premiered in February 2009 in New York City.

Performed at Chashama on 42nd st 2009. Filmed by Jimmy Pantalon.
Co-created by Kate Brehm and Alexis Macnab.
Directed by Alexis Macnab
Puppet and Set Design Kate Brehm
Music Composed by Sxip Shirey
Lighting Design Lee Terry
Human Kate Brehm
Puppeteers Sarah Engelman, Miyu Leilani, Mary Notari, Serra Hirsch, Kirsten Kammermeyer, Sophia Remolde
Technical Direction Mike Kerns
Stage Managers Megan Pardo and Caity Grand
Builders Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith, Claudia Acosta, Bil Bond, Kim Berman, Kate Brehm, Gabe Carleton-Barnes, Antoine Ceol, Neimah Djourabchi, Ethan Gould, Emily Hanson, Keri Lewis, Marina Libel, Alexis Macnab, Jon Meyer, Ryan O'Neil, Jared Silver, Paul Varga, Meghan Williamsm, Sarah Engelman, Miyu Leilani, Mary Notari, Serra Hirsch, Kirsten Kammermeyer, Sophia Remolde, Megan Pardo and Caity Grand
Supported by

  • A Chashama Performance Residency Award
  • One Arm Red studio and rehearsal space
  • and generous private donations
  • Premiered in Feb 2009 at Chashama on 42nd st.

Produced by imnotlost.