Dance Halls

a tantalizing evening of slow dancing facilitated by dance cards and a record player

The first dance hall was created as a fundraiser for The Eye Which We Do Not Have and ocurred at Standard Toykraft in Brooklyn 2013.

Initially a collaboration between imnotlost and Krawckuk Industries,

"Marvelous!" "A Blast!" " delightful to meet people, and I laughed and laughed through the night."

--- Attendees

the first dance halls were DJed by DJ Tinseltown and later turned over to the stylings and record collection of James Mulry.

Inspired by dance halls of the 20s/30's era, passion and desire mixes with propriety and restraint at the Dance Halls of Vivid Splendor. At this evening of interactive pleasure attendees each receive a dance lesson that everyone can pick up (really!) and a dance card to arrange their prances for the night. Wallflowers are paired up by roving matrons or drawn to the floor by house dancers.

DJs Shalin Scupham and James Mulry
MCs Kate Brehm, Mark Krawczuk, Sxip Shirey
Matrons, House Dancers, Door Staff, and Bar Staff Rowan Renee, Miss Tracy, Rez, Jesse Scott, Benjamin Heller, Gregory Schott Christopher Williams, Erin Orr, Aimee Germaine, Spark Leo-Nimm, Molly Chanoff, Gaylen Hamilton, Hye Chyun, Heather Liteer, Jenny Campbell, Kevin Brink Neilsen, Geoffry Kuffner, Drew Ratcliff, George Graham, Orien McNeil, Arielle Avenia, Veronica Dougherty
Dance Halls
  • Standard Toykraft 2013
  • 1 Knickerbocker Saloon February 2014
  • 1 Knickerbocker Saloon April 2014
  • Studiolab 2015 - Dance Hall of Radiant Space
  • Chashama Times Square 2016

Produced by imnotlost.