presented at CBGB's Gallery, Galapagos Art Space, Collective Unconscious and the Tank

Slutty Puppets, Raise Plow Presents, and PUKE

Slutty Puppets was an evening of puppets, clowns, and other bizarre variety acts. As a young puppeteer I performed at Bare Bones 'Romps' in Minneapolis. When I moved to NYC i longed to perform again in a casual space where people were slightly tipsy and willing to talk back to the stage. Thus Slutty Puppets was born. Some acts were dirty and squishy, others were just plain weird.

It played at CBGB's Gallery in the Village from 2003-2004. It was brought back from 2008-09 when Galapagos Art Space opened a new venue in DUMBO. That space was beautiful, but the audience was very far away, and Slutty Puppets was always meant to be intimate and homey.

"The "freakiest, edgiest, or weirdest show” would probably have been something performed at ... Slutty Puppets."

--- Alissa Hunnicut

Raise Plow Presents was a short-lived talk show. Interviewees included Reverend Billy (activist), Sarah Valentine (Little Miss Big Mouth and Honk), and Sid and Buddy (karaoke hosts). Each interview was paired with a musical act (Neal Medlyn, Sxip Shirey) and the evening began with an interactive pre-show (a public confession booth, clothing swap, fast and sloppy puppet making class).

PUKE stood for Puppets Unleashing Kinetic Energy and was a cabaret evening of unusual acts and interactive performances hosted as a reaction to pukey activities like Valentines Day. Each member of the audience was given a letter P, U, K, or E. Each performer needed to enact at least one "puke" moment. If the audience recognized it as such and the artist was able to spell puke, there was much joy and their act could continue.

Some Acts Were By...
Zero Boy, The Red Bastard, Wakka Wakka, Benjamin Ickies, Ambrose Martos, Nasty Canasta, The Missile Dick Chicks, Adam Ende, The O'Debra Twins, Eric Wright, Emily Decola, Danial Lang Levitsky, Jason Webley, Twirlette, Nick Jones, Carleton Ward, Dov Weinstein, Ricardo Muniz, Kevin Augustine, Cathy Muller, Abariss Culjack, Morgan Fitzpatrick, Audrey Crabtree, Sophie Amieva, Victoria Libertare, Yoko Myoi, Nick Jumara, Patrick Cadenhead, Noah Apple, Jonny Clockworks, Alissa Hunnicut, James Walton, Jenny Romaine, Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith, Matt Leabo, Spark Leo-Nimm, Z Briggs, Nate Begle, Curtis Eller.
Slutty Puppets
Raise Plow Presents
  • @CBGBs Gallery #1 March 2005
  • @CBGBs Gallery #2 March 2005
  • @CBGBs Gallery #3 March 2005
  • @ Collective Unconscious February 2005?
  • @ The Tank August 2005?

Produced by imnotlost.