Belly Dream Real

a play

Chaos, Upheaval, Commotion, Grotesque Licking.

ALL of these elements will be witnessed at the performance of BELLY DREAM REAL. A short, dynamic piece of misunderstandings and discoveries, Janie, joined by her cohort, Mr. Puppet, meet and deal with a swarm of mothers trying to stick their tongues in Janie's belly button.

"I could watch this for 6 1/2 hours!"

--- curator of the Downstairs Series

During the play Janie finds the person who wholly understands her only to realize her grave misunderstanding of her own perceptions. Based on a dream i had about my mother trying to stick her tongue in my belly button, Belly Dream Real seeks a path to this uncanny experience.

Belly Dream Real runs 35 minutes

Actors Liz Davito, Sean Seibert, Darius Safavi, Jimmy Maize, Michael Scott-Price, Joshua Weinberg, Mark Read, Michael O'Neil, Josh Bowling, Kate Brehm
Sound Design Clilly Castiglia
Written and Directed by Kate Brehm
  • The Ontological-Hysteric Theater Downstairs Series 2003
  • One Arm Red 2003
  • HERE Arts Center's American Living Room Festival 2006
  • The first version titled, The Belly Button Dream, performed at The NYC Fringe Festival in 2002 where it was panned by Backstage as "ill-conceived", "pretentious", and "not really a play"

Produced by imnotlost.